Big Bash League, 56th Match: Melbourne Stars v Sydney Thunder at Melbourne, Jan 25, 2023 live Score

Melbourne Stars 119/7 Sydney Thunder 120/7
(20.0 Overs) RR: 5.95(18.5 Overs) RR:6.37
Sydney Thunder won by 3 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)

Batsman RB 4s 6s S.R
Daniel Sams (rhb) 28 18 3 1 155.55
Matthew Gilkes (lhb) 20 27 3 0 74.07
Bowller O M R W Econ
Adam Zampa (lbg) 4.0 0 25 3 6.25
Beau Webster (lbg) 3.0 0 8 1 2.66

RECENT 4 2 2 1 1 | . 1 . 2 . . | 2 1 W 6 1 . | 2 1 4 4 1 1 2 | 1 1 W . 1 6

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

10.27 pm The Thunder dragged out the drama as long as possible making what should have been a straightforward chase mighty difficult, but the Stars show why they claimed the wooden spoon in this year's BBL with some sloppy fielding after a limp batting effort. So the Thunder season will continue for at least one more match after they go into the playoffs in the fourth seed. They will host the fifth seeded Brisbane Heat in an elimination match to see who will move on.

Thunder captain Chris Green is Player of the Match: "Sitting on the bench while we were batting... we scraped in by the barest of margins. The batting, we need to rectify. It wasn't good enough. Our strength all tournament has been scrapping and defending low totals and bowling teams out for low totals. We needed some partnerships from the top four to stand up. Our batting innings, we weren't busy enough and there were a lot of dot balls, but the rotation of strike picked up at the end. It's an exciting opportunity to host a knockout. I can't wait to get back to the Showground with Thunder Nation. It's a side that we've beat twice already but we know they've been playing good cricket at the back end and we need to play well to beat them."

So that concludes our live coverage for the league phase of BBL 2022-23. Everyone can take a breather after today's drama because tomorrow is a rest day before the playoffs begin on Friday. Join us then, but that's it for today. On behalf of my commentary partner Andrew Miller, take care!

18.54 Wood to McAndrew Thunder clinch the final BBL playoff berth! Hurricanes are knocked out! Full on the stumps, winds up and heaves this over wide long-on, one bounce over the rope. FOUR
18.42 Wood to McAndrew short ball on the stumps, top edges a pull swirling behind the keeper for two. 2 runs
18.32 Wood to McAndrew full and wide, carves this over cover wide of the sweeper for two. 2 runs
18.21 Wood to Green back of a length ball on fourth stump, slapped to cover for one. 1 run

Mandatory concussion check in progress by the Thunder physio.

18.11 Wood to McAndrew short ball into the body, goes to pull and is hit in the helmet as the ball dribbles away for a run. 1 leg bye
End of Over No.18 Sydney Thunder 110/7 Last Over (3 runs)
17.60 Hatcher to Green length ball on off, defended to extra cover. no run
17.51 Hatcher to McAndrew full on fourth stump, driven toward mid-on, diving stop on the ring saves at least two runs. 1 run
17.40 Hatcher to McAndrew bouncer on fourth stump, goes to pull and is beaten. no run
17.32 Hatcher to McAndrew length ball guided to deep third man for a tight two. 2 runs
17.20 Hatcher to McAndrew back of a length on leg stump, beaten prodding at this. The batters thought about stealing a bye as the keeper was quite casual collecting and didn't bother flinging it at the stumps. no run
17.10 Hatcher to McAndrew back of a length ball on the stumps, defended. no run
End of Over No.17 Sydney Thunder 107/7 Last Over (10 runs)
16.62 Zampa to Green full on the stumps, driven to wide long-on for two. 2 runs
16.51 Zampa to McAndrew full on fifth stump, driven to long-off for one. 1 run
16.4W Zampa to Sams bullseye! Zampa zips this in fuller on middle but also a touch quicker and it skids flat past a slog sweep crashing into the middle of middle stump. OUT
DR Sams b Zampa 28 (18b 3x4 1x6) SR: 155.55
16.36 Zampa to Sams drag down from Zampa on middle stump, Sams rocks back and smashes this flat over wide long-on, it lands just over the rope as the fielder running across from long-off couldn't cover the distance or else it was a chest high chance. SIX
16.21 Zampa to Green full on off, driven firmly to extra cover for a would-be dot but Stoinis fumbles to open the door for a single. 1 run
16.10 Zampa to Green good length ball on middle, defended to cover. no run
End of Over No.16 Sydney Thunder 97/6 Last Over (15 runs)

Jazz: "That is horrendous from Zampa. My mum could've caught that. "

15.62 Coulter-Nile to Sams back of a length on the legs, flicked through square leg for two. 2 runs
15.61 Coulter-Nile to Sams full and tailing down leg, wide called. 1 wide
15.54 Coulter-Nile to Sams NCN drags the length back and follows him backing away from leg stump, Sams adjusts to flat bat this with a tennis backhand over mid-on to the rope. FOUR
15.44 Coulter-Nile to Sams and to rub salt into the wound, Sams pumps a full ball straight down the ground through mid-off to the rope. FOUR
15.31 Coulter-Nile to Green dropped! My goodness! Zampa shells a sitter at short fine leg! Back of a length on the body, goes to pull and a top edge swirls to Zampa. He only needs to shuffle five yards left. Basic chest height chance and he puts it down clumsily. 3/10 on difficulty. NCN is disgusted, not to mention any Hurricanes squad member following remotely. 1 run
15.21 Coulter-Nile to Sams short and wide, tapped behind point for one. 1 run
15.12 Coulter-Nile to Sams back of a length on the stumps, flicked behind square for two. 2 runs
End of Over No.15 Sydney Thunder 82/6 Last Over (9 runs)
14.61 Wood to Sams back of a length on fifth stump, tries to guide this wide of short third man for a single. 1 run
14.51 Wood to Green back of a length on fifth stump, punched in front of point for one. 1 run

Pure chaos. Not sure why they felt such desperation for a single there.

14.4W Wood to Sams brilliant athleticism from Wood! Back of a length follows him backing away from leg, tries to fight it off for a tap and run single into short midwicket. Wood is in a footrace to the striker's end with Cutting and fields from five yards out, underhands into the stumps to beat Cutting's dive. OUT
BCJ Cutting run out 9 (9b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100.00
14.30 Wood to Sams length ball on off stump, Sams shuffles across trying to scoop this over short fine leg and misses. no run
14.21 Wood to Cutting short and pulled to deep midwicket on a bounce for one. 1 run
14.16 Wood to Cutting length ball on the body, heaves this high and deep over midwicket, sharp crowd catch taken in the third row reaching forward. SIX

Power Surge has been taken.

Score Cards


Batsmen R B
Matthew Gilkes 20 27
David Warner
David Warner
2 3
Jason Sangha
Jason Sangha
10 11
Oliver Davies 8 17
Alex Ross
Alex Ross
14 11
Daniel Sams
Daniel Sams
28 18
Ben Cutting
Ben Cutting
9 9
Chris Green
Chris Green
6 7
Nathan McAndrew 12 10


Bowler O R W M
Liam Hatcher
Liam Hatcher
4 18 0 1
Luke Wood
Luke Wood
3.5 33 1 0
Nathan Coulter-Nile
Nathan Coulter-Nile
4 29 1 0
Adam Zampa
Adam Zampa
4 25 3 0
Beau Webster
Beau Webster
3 8 1 0
LC Hatcher411804.50
L Wood3.503318.60(2w)
NM Coulter-Nile402917.25(2w)
A Zampa402536.25
BJ Webster30812.66
1st4DA Warner 2 M Gilkes 0
2nd27JJS Sangha 10 M Gilkes 16
3rd10M Gilkes 4 O Davies 5
4th8O Davies 3 AI Ross 5
5th11AI Ross 9 DR Sams 1
6th20BCJ Cutting 9 DR Sams 7
7th24DR Sams 20 CJ Green 3
8th16*N McAndrew 12 CJ Green 3
M Gilkescaught wk202730
DA Warnercaught2300
JJS Sanghastumped101110
O Daviescaught81700
AI Rossbowled141111
DR Samsbowled281831
BCJ Cuttingrun out9901
CJ Greennot out6700
N McAndrewnot out121010
GS Sandhu
Usman Qadir
Extras(lb 7, w 4)11
Total(7 wkts; 18.5 ovs)120

Team Squads

Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars
Joe Clarke top-order batter
Thomas Rogers top-order batter
Campbell Kellaway middle-order batter
Marcus Stoinis batting allrounder
Hilton Cartwright middle-order batter
Beau Webster allrounder
Nick Larkin batter
Nathan Coulter-Nile bowling allrounder
Luke Wood bowling allrounder
Liam Hatcher bowler
Adam Zampa bowler
Sydney Thunder
Sydney Thunder
Matthew Gilkes wicketkeeper batter
David Warner opening batter
Jason Sangha batter
Oliver Davies top-order batter
Alex Ross middle-order batter
Daniel Sams allrounder
Ben Cutting allrounder
Chris Green bowling allrounder
Nathan McAndrew bowler
Gurinder Sandhu bowler
Usman Qadir bowler

What is it?

Big Bash League, 56th Match: Melbourne Stars v Sydney Thunder at Melbourne, Jan 25, 2023.

When is it?

Match will be played on Jan 25, 2023.

What time does it start?

Starting time of match 2023-01-25 08:15:00 GMT, 2023-01-25 19:15:00 local

In Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground

Who will Win Big Bash League, 56th Match: Melbourne Stars v Sydney Thunder ?

With ten nearly equally matched groups, the importance of every game can't be understated in this tournament. Both sides are expected to emerge out packaged full-strength against each other in what claims to be a cracker of a competition. Contemplating that the 2 sides on newspaper,Sydney Thunder are somewhat more power-packed unit whereas Melbourne Stars possess the benefit of being a steady side. For this and another above-mentioned motives, we believe the Sydney Thunder are far more likely to emerge victorious in what will be among the most crucial experiences for either side.

What TV channel is it on Live?

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  • India and Subcontinent Star Sports, DD Sports DD National (DD1)
  • United Kingdom Sky Sports
  • South Africa Super Sports
  • Pakistan PTV Sports and Ten Sports
  • Bangladesh Ghazi Tv (GTV), Maasranga & BTV
  • Australia Fox Sports
  • U.S.A Willow Tv
  • New Zealand Sky Sports
  • Canada ATN
  • Middle East and North Afirca OSN Sports Cricket HD
  • Sri Lanka SLRC (Channel Eye)
  • Caribbean ESPN
  • Hong Kong Star Cricket, Today TV App
  • Singapore Star Cricket, Star Hub Go, Singtel
  • China Fox Network Group
  • Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV)
  • Europe, Japan ICC's Facebook webpage
  • Malaysia Star Cricket, Astro Go
  • Afghanistan Moby TV

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